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Our Special Deals Inventory features hand-picked marketing deals with low prices on top segments including small business, finance, travel, professional services, online services, consumer buys, sporting goods, computer software, and more. Also, don't forget to sign up for e-mail alert to receive your personal Quick Picks deals chosen just for you and updated frequently.


Share Cost And Increase Profit.
CoBiz enables your business to collectively share cost with other advertisers. Market research reveals that 92% of users do not purchase anything during the first visit. With CoBiz your sharing the cost of that first initial visit with others to save.

Special Targeted Small Business Campaign #8923

Small Business Users companies with under 50 Employees.

Reach Over 2 Million Users
Shared Campaign
Dedicated Account Rep
Business Target Network
Business Owners
E-mail Newsletter Design
E-mail Network Campaign
Custom Tracking
Custom Splash Page



Pay For Performance Campaign $75,000 Revenue Minimum



Segments: Online Service Companies, Software ASP Models, Business Services Company, Travel, Finance, Business Special Products.

Network Spots: 7

Spots Available: 0

Status: SOLD OUT


Special Targeted Finance Campaign #8658

General Audience finance target.

Reach Over 5 Million Users
Shared Campaign
Dedicated Account Rep
Finance Target Network
E-mail Newsletter Design
Display Network Campaign
Custom Tracking
Custom Splash Page



Pay For Click Campaign Minimum buy $10,000.00 .23CPC



Segments: Finance Service Companies, Finance, Consumer

Network Spots: 6

Spots Available:1

Status: OPEN


You Get More With CoBiz

At CoBiz your actually paying less and getting more! We have a unique platform that enables our users to share clicks and dominate the market place.


What is CoBiz Disclosure Policy?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We will never share, release your information without your permission, in addition we do not display anywhere publicly your co-share relationship. We have thousands of satisfied clients and occasionally display a few select members in our customer buzz section (with permission of course).



How Do You Make Money ?

That's a great question! For Pay Per Sale campaigns CoBiz will charge a fee to you the client per sale. This fee is included in the Pay Per Sale Model.

Example - You contract with CoBiz at a Pay Per Sale of $12.00 Per Sale. Once 1000 Sales are generated from the campaign your account will be deducted $12,000 ( 1000 X $12.00).

Who will I be CoMarketing With?

Depends - For large campaigns it's definitely other large corporations. On the smaller side its start ups, small & medium size businesses. Usually it's a similar based business which allows you to really dominate the market place and increase sales against others in the market place.

How do I Sell To CoBiz?

If you want to sell to CoBiz please visit our publisher section. If we select you into our network, we purchase in bulk and guarantee a minimum yearly purchase amount.