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CoBiz is the leading expert in CoMarketing for online traffic. Our internally developed server technology enables advertisers to precisely address target groups via shared advertising and special app marketing services. We can implement campaigns quickly and efficiently in our network spanning more than 150 portals.


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"The share campaign reduced the initial cost per booking by about 30%. We were tracking results from other campaigns and CoBiz was the top campaign for the month."

- Elizabeth , MGM Resorts MgmResorts.com

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The economy is back and you need a way to get quality service at an affordable price. CoBiz is the secret to dominate the competition. You can save on marketing cost as much as 50% Reach out and capture lost revenue by Comarketing to potential customers while they surf the web. It's a fact, Co brand exposure boosts conversion rates and ROI!



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cobizmedia.com knows that Comarketing is not just a Science, it is an Art. To that end, we offer a full service in-house marketing service. Our marketing experts can help create flash ads that will help draw attention to your site.