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Grow your sales with access to the largest business marketing network online!

Grow your sales with access to the largest business network online!

CoBiz Members want your service or product.

We are looking to offer the best in business products & services to our large member base, but please keep in mind .



No Direct Marketing Cost!

We deliver customers free of charge. There are no marketing cost associated with the sale, if you didn't have to pay for marketing what price could you sell a product?


We Guarantee, That You Will Make A Profit.

We want you to be succesful. Even though we drive hard bargains, each one of our contracts with our vendors is unique. We run the numbers and guarantee to buy the minimum needed for you to make a profit. If that's ten thousand, or ten million we make the deal. Our first goal is to get the best deal possible for our members, our second goal is to keep our vendors selling to us at deep discounts.

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