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CoBiz Enables You Team up With Others to Attract Large Advertisers.

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CoBiz enables you to reach Millions of targeted Advertisers with our User Testing marketing. cobizmedia.com's Sharing technology identifies and tags your website with others and shares the visitors as they surf the Internet. This unique exposure will increase the number of ads you are able to send while increasing your payout.


Increase Revenue
Reach out and increase revenue by Joint Marketing to potential advertisers. It's a fact, advertisers want to reach as many eyeballs as as possible.


Generate A Cash Flow & Brand Awareness
Keep your brand fresh in the mind of potential customers engaged in the buying cycle while generating some much needed Cash Flow.


Increase Visitors
Marketing gains the attention of your visitors and generates revenue from the non buyers.



What is Co Biz Disclosure Policy?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We will never share or release your information without your permission, in addition we do not display information to competitors , anywhere, anytime. We have thousands of satisfied clients and occasionally display a few select members in our customer buzz section (with permission).